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Invest in a guesthouse

At Pam Golding Lodges and Guesthouses we’re about more than just “location, location, location” because there is so much more to consider when investing in South Africa’s hospitality industry.

As one of the world’s top holiday and business conference destinations, South Africa has a thriving bed & breakfast and guesthouse market.

However, making a successful investment is more complex than just finding and purchasing the correct property.

Whether you’re a corporation looking to break into the South African market or an individual searching for the perfect lifestyle property, we can help to make your investment a success by advising you on all steps of the process.

Find the perfect hospitality investment

In South Africa, guesthouses cater to international and local holiday-makers as well as those on short or long-term business trips.

They are often favoured above hotels by those seeking increased privacy, quiet, a family-friendly environment, a homelike atmosphere, and travelers staying for longer periods.

Pam Golding Lodges and Guesthouses is based in the Western Cape, one of South Africa’s most popular destinations, but lists properties all around the country.

You can trust us to find you the perfect investment, whether you aim to purchase property in a charming country town, a bustling economic hub or a stone’s throw from one of South Africa’s world class beaches.

Once you’ve found the correct guesthouse, the next step is determining whether it has the potential to be a good investment. This is where we excel.

All of our consultants have both real estate and financial skills and experience, and can dig into the hard figures to determine whether there is the potential for profit.

At Pam Golding Lodges and Guesthouses we analyse of occupancy statistics in the area of the property you’re interested in, advise you on potential and market related income, provide insights on the financing options available and inform you on different possible purchase structures.

This assistance is offered in addition to standard real estate agency services such as completing purchase offers and contracts.

Pam Golding Hospitality Partners

Once you’ve purchased your property, you’ve taken the first step on your journey to a successful investment.

Our associates at Pam Gold Hospitality Partners can help you take the remaining steps and help ensure that your investment stays as low-risk as possible.

Schliemann Attorneys provide advice and assistance on all legal matters, BnB Sure specialise in insuring hospitality properties, Grant Thornton are leaders in the assurance, tax and risk industry and IBM Business Immigration Services can attend to all international relocation requirements.

You can browse our current guesthouse listings below. For any further information or to list your guesthouse for sale, contact us at (021) 852 5155 or