Indispensable – Immigrant’s Contribution To South Africa

by Andreas Krensel, Partner by Dirk Meissner, Partner at IBN

A large number of countries in the world are facing challenges with immigration. Italy, Spain and Portugal, just to mention but a few, have all had to deal with (African) immigrants who brave the Mediterranean seeking a better life in Europe. Developments around the Eurotunnel between France and the UK also manage to make headlines.

Everyone is a Foreigner Somewhere

South Africa has not been spared the intricacies of dealing with migrants. On a wide scale, reactions and responses by (a small number of) South African nationals to migrants have been somewhat tragic, to put it mildly. The recent xenophobic attacks of African Foreign nationals were indicative of the failure by both the government and the civil society in handling the immigration issues in South Africa.

In this article we would like to shed a more positive light on immigration and the recent initiative of the South African government, aimed at being a token of appreciation to foreigners. (read more…)

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Andreas Krensel

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Dirk Meissner

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