SA Hotel Industry Must Embrace Technology To Stay Competitive

by Gillian Saunders, Head Of Advisory Services at Grant Thornton

South African hotels, like their global peers, must expedite the adoption of technology to meet customer-led demand, according to a new report from Grant Thornton.

Internationally the hotel industry has lagged behind other sectors in adopting technology and as a result, hotels must now put mobile technology at the centre of their customer experience as they race to catch up and compete in the ‘sharing economy’, where services such as AirBnB are challenging the traditional business model.

However, the report cautions against de-humanising the hotel experience, stressing that the most successful companies will be those that master the balance between using technology to respond to customer preferences and keeping the personal touch where human interaction is a value-add. (read more…)


Gillian Saunders - Pam Golding Hospitality Partners
Gillian Saunders

Head Of Advisory Services at Grant Thornton