South Africans Will Be Able To Apply For Their Passports In A Bank

by Andreas Krensel, Partner by Dirk Meissner, Partner at IBN

The Department of Home Affairs spokesperson Mahyilome Tshwete announced that it will be possible for South Africans to apply for their smartcard ID at certain banks in order to fasten the roll-out. This smartcard ID is to replace the old green ID book which will remain valid.

In order to provide this service, Home Affairs will set up special counters in the bank branches. The application itself will be done online so that no paper application forms will be needed anymore.

After the applicant, who has to be customer of the bank, goes to the special counter in the branch and continues the application there. (read more…)

IBN - Andreas Krensel - Pam Golding Hospitality Partners
Andreas Krensel

Partner at IBN

Dirk Meissner - Pam Golding Hospitality Partners
Dirk Meissner

Partner at IBN