The Immigration Landscape Of Zambia

by Andreas Krensel, Partner by Dirk Meissner, Partner at IBN

Zambia is a country in Southern Central Africa surrounded by Angola, Zaire, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Formerly known as “Northern Rhodesia”, Zambia is part of the Copper belt and Zambia remains the largest copper producer in Africa.

The abundance of natural wealth has led to continuous foreign involvement in the country.

The immigration Act in Zambia is a modern one, promulgated in 2010.

The influx of foreign investment, the growth of the economy and internationalization of the market resulted in an influx of foreign laborers in Zambia.

This created an increase of work permit applications and longer processing times and posed a major challenge to the authorities.

Another noticeable phenomenon is the “Zambianisation” consisting in privileging the employment of nationals instead of foreign workers; the objective is to lower the unemployment rate and increase the availability of skilled workers.

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