Work Authorization In Botswana, Mozambique And Zambia

by Andreas Krensel, Partner by Dirk Meissner, Partner at IBN


On Friday the 16th of October, in collaboration with the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry, IBN Business & Immigration Solutions organized a seminar on the immigration processes of Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia respectively.

Navigating the tricky immigration process

Over 30 representatives of multiple corporations venturing into the Southern African region attended.

The latest amendments to immigration legislation as well as practical policy adjustments were discussed. (read more…)

IBN - Andreas Krensel - Pam Golding Hospitality Partners
Andreas Krensel

Partner at IBN

Dirk Meissner - Pam Golding Hospitality Partners
Dirk Meissner

Partner at IBN